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These Songs Kill Fascists

by Time

I wrote this to start a fire I wrote this in memory of Heather Heyer Fire starter, throwing kerosene on the coals This is for the White Rose, rest in peace to Sophie Scholl This is for Lepa Radic who fought against the fascists The Edelweiss Pirates who said take the state and smash it The Swing Kids and Zazou in zoot suit jackets Along with the Schlurfs who wanted nazis in trash pits I wrote this for Emma who lit my soul's inner flame This is for Ida who taught us how to liberate 43 group and the Battle of Cable Street Who fought fascists in London, blood left their faces streaked We Rock Against Racism like the X Ray Spex We're looking for liberation not pay checks From Charlottesville to the valley of Jarama I thought Killjoy told you, there's no nazis in Valhalla [Susan Bro: Sample] We never think of Heather but when we laugh or smile Cause she often made people laugh, we love the sound of her laugh A lot of us have video tapes We don’t all have to sacrifice our lives They tried to kill my child to shut her up Will guess what? You just magnified her [Time: verse 2] Fascism is not to be debated it is to be destroyed The reason cops are hated is cause the klan they employ From the Trail of Tears to the streets of Ferguson From Rikers, to Pelican Bay, the state be murdering We're kicking fascists like St. Pauli Like when Ethiopia fought them with Haile Lessons learned from Robeson to Chairman Fred Solidarity Not Charity like Common Ground said I’m just trying to find my way like Elisee Reclus I’m looking for the strength that Ella Baker knew Each bar is like John Brown cocking the hammer We combat the propaganda like the breakfast from panthers This is for the CNT and the Mujeres Libres I'm Battling the state and myself I'm in a fight that's 3 way They shall not pass, No Pasaran is what we say And play some Killah P is what I'm telling the deejay [Salaria Kee, sample] I understand exactly what fascism was while I was there And my intention was to go any place where I could help I couldn’t live with myself today if I hadn’t gone then knowing what happened [Cornel West, sample] The neofascists had their own ammunition. And this is very important to keep in mind, because the police, for the most part, pulled back. The next day, for example, those 20 of us who were standing, many of them clergy, we would have been crushed like cockroaches if it were not for the anarchists and the anti-fascists who approached, over 300, 350 anti-fascists. We just had 20. And we’re singing “This Little light of Mine,” you know what I mean? So that the— [Amy Goodman] “Antifa” meaning anti-fascist [Cornel West] The anti-fascists, and then, crucial, the anarchists, because they saved our lives, actually
[Time – Verse 2] Under a tuxedo moon I watch the city blink and bloom It looks like a citrine carpet from this rose quartz tomb I walk down from the mesa in the periwinkle light Donating blood to mosquitoes waiting for that mountain lion to bite This town used to be host to fascists, the klan in the 20s Now they all run corporations and killed democracy with money Plexiglass faces, amidst racists, my soul I misplaced it Billion pounds of food cooked but not tasted, just wasted Saw an American bag blowing in the wind I didn’t think it was beautiful Just thought about more waste and pollution as usual I can smell the rusting shells of refineries listen to the iron sing Empty paychecks is what the miner brings, black lung now the miner can't sing These syllables kill fascists, 187 on the cop in my mind Seek and you’ll find a dead planet you’re on now you can’t rewind We gave the earth a fever, she's gonna kill us with her weather I'm sorry for talking about depressing shit but it makes me feel better I don't wanna be cynical, I wanna be sincere I’m tired of irony, I’m looking for happiness in the mirror He said Chris I’m too aware to be addicted That's what he said before the last shot hit him There's a difference between life and living There's a difference between being nice and giving I’m not trying to save the world, you're not the one to blame I’m just trying to keep my soul maybe it’s one in the same
[Hook: Mick Jenkins] We came from the dirt Standing tall as the trees They tried to bury us They didn't know that we were seeds, no They didn't know that we were seeds [Verse 1: Time] There's no justice on stolen land The POTUS is a soulless man This is for Jara's swollen hands No colonizer could own this land So give it back to the Cheyenne clan, Arapaho land to the Ute golden sands This is deeper than secrets that Snowden had, I'm dead and alive like Schrodinger's cat I never put my city on no road or map, 'cause racists already did that Just want justice for Sand Creek and to give Standing Rock their land back This is for my friend Jeanette Vizguerra, no gods, no masters, no fronteras Families belong together, no more deaths, no banderas How can you concentrate when kids are in concentration camps I can't relate I try to contemplate, the power documentation has, I'm anti-state Borders are scars on the earth, protected by capital what's your worth? They militarize to protect their turf, the cartel sell so you smoke your herb We coup their countries then build a wall, we poison their lands then siphon it off Abolish ice, free the children and all, when we all come together we frighten them off Knowledge of self is self defense but what's a border but a bloody fence What's a treaty but a word for theft, what's a seed? It's anti death They tried to rip out our roots and burn us like weeds, they didn't see our fruits, can't kill the truth Blood like water, life we bleed, they tried to bury us, didn't know we were seeds [Hook: Mick Jenkins] They didn't know that we were seeds, no They didn't know that we were seeds [Verse 2: Psalm One] Fuck, they mobbin' through the lobby Wu said Cash Rules Everything Around Me Hussein Hitler MAGA with a bounty American Tragedy I got the man on me Girl it don't matter you black or you brown We all from Africa, shut that shit down You actin' like they ain't gon' come for the poor and the weak Or the leaders that's putting in work the streets Okay My people gon' learn one day Hopefully it ain't too late Catch me in the field with a couple renegades I ain't never gon' change No way How they finna shut us up? We better learn the law we better uppercut We gotta bob and weave we got mouths to feed When they build them walls, you gon' know how to FLEE? Okay Now let me get this straight bitch My life don't matter, got kids in cages Right price, my data get flipped for racists On Facebook? Is you faking me? Yeah they hating me 'cause I blow the whistle Don't gotta clear shit up hoe you know it's Cristalle I'm militant plus I'm educated Got my cash up, no assimilation And I'm mad as fuck but tryna spread the love Met Mick Jenkins got my water up Met Time then we got to spreading seed This pedigree ain't never followed sheep So call me when you done snoozin' Plenty die but we done losin' If we ain't plottin' what the fuck we doin'? These seeds growin' and we feed the movement
[Time - Verse 1] First off fuck a job, fuck a boss Fuck a landlord, fuck ICE, fuck a thought cop Fuck a bomb, fuck a missile, fuck a war Fuck no healthcare, fuck being poor Fuck an informant, fuck a snitch, fuck a spy Fuck propaganda, fuck fox, fuck a lie Fuck CNN too, fuck em all, fuck a side Fuck depression, fuck anxiety, fuck a suicide Fuck late buses, and fuck not cussing Fuck an internship and getting paid nothing Fuck bank of America, fuck foreclosures Fuck remax, taking Palestine with bulldozers Fuck ignorance, fuck a school, fuck a test Fuck a gun, fuck a shooting, fuck a Teflon vest Fuck a nazi, fuck a fascist, fuck the fucking klan Fuck a colonizer taking indigenous land Fuck me, fuck them, fuck white supremacy Fuck patriarchy and toxic masculinity Fuck transphobia and fuck homophobes Fuck keystone and DAPL saying fuck the globe Fuck the whole prison industrial complex Fuck Harvey Weinstein and all of his nonsense Fuck stalkers, fuck abusers, and fuck rapists Fuck Islamophobia and fuck ableists Fuck AIDS, fuck Reagan, fuck cancer Fuck a smart phone trying to tell me all the answers Fuck negativity, fuck conformity Fuck agent orange causing DNA deformities Fuck nationalism and taking acid for wisdom Fuck dying from oxys cause my income hasn’t risen Fuck a condo and fuck gentrification Fuck palm oil and fuck deforestation Fuck a golf course, fuck a pipeline Fuck Exxon, trying to kill earth’s lifeline Fuck lead in water, fuck poisonous pipes Fuck what they did to Red Fawn, water is life Fuck separating families that’s genocide Fuck being silent, that’s why I let the pen slide Fuck a slaughterhouse, fuck dairy, fuck meat Fuck a sweatshop and fuck slave shoes on my feet Fuck rape culture that devalues life Fuck ego, fuck hierarchy and a bad vibe Fuck not giving a fuck and fuck hate Fuck critics, I give a fuck if you relate
I listened to you all night I know your scared I can't feel your pain but please know I'm there You say there's a bigot in the white house that ain't a new thing Another corrupted criminal elected by fame Sexual assaulter, racist, white supremacist provoker I feel like I'm in Arkham and the presidents the joker But obama wasn't no saint either He had a kill list and every drone bomb dug the coffin deeper NSA probably got my rhyme book these spooks are crooks They probably know all the rappers and my flows they took Please know I stand with my Muslim brothers and sisters And my homie from Afghanistan please know I'm with you This is for my friend who's undocumented I told him we'd raise hell if they ever came and I meant it Black lives matter yeah they matter to me I ain't rapping for myself this is solidarity [Hook: Giuseppe] Every time I mention trump, girl you turn around and cry I ask myself why oh why See you must understand we can't live with all these lies What went wrong in November [Verse 2: Time] Check it, welcome to the hottest year on record Water is life but DAPL don't respect it What would you do if they bulldozed your family's graveyard? These companies just want money that's why their hearts stay dark The people in Flint still can't drink their water What type of country would poison it's own sons and daughters? Militias get acquitted, while natives get colonized Manifest destiny for klansmen who call on christ Nazis on the corner could catch a brick Right through their window eyes that's what self defense is Malcolm and Martin debated if the country had a soul Will if it did, we bout to burn it like coal Why the news showing a burning store during a riot? But when a black church burns they just stay quiet? They want to deport neighbors and bring back stop and frisk But you can't stop the people we're the populace [Hook: Giuseppe] Every time I mention trump, girl you turn around and cry I ask myself why oh why See you must understand we can't live with all these lies What went wrong in November
Walking past poplar trees, blood on the leaves Denver hides the past a pauper asks for money please Evans was a genocider, so was Chivington Study Sand Creek massacre, propaganda's what we’re living in They killed the Apaches and sell their tears in gift shops We name our weapons after them watch the irony crisscross In so called Denver where there's a homeless ban But really it's occupied Cheyenne and Arapaho land Staring in the mirror do I see a settler or an artist A long pause 3 am questions are the hardest Those afraid to speak colonize with their silence I’m looking for liberation a closed mouth is violent This isn't philosophy this is a rhyme that I wrote Real like holding tears back feels like a knife in your throat These words kill fascists each syllables a life boat This isn't a Suicide letter it's a life note [Time – Hook] I wrote this for the sad nights When Denver had bad vibes They stole this land that map is a lie This city will kill you with rent, pills, or bottles Denverfication, Killarado [Time – Verse 2] Thinking how many bones are under me as I walk down federal Capital gentrifies, their homes are edible Waiting on the 31, breathing in the radon Rocky Flats ghost, glow in the dark seance The military's recruiting in between school shootings Columbine's they're uprooting for methane polluting The guard used machine guns on children in Ludlow From Lafayette to Pueblo I'm drowning in blood though Denver in the 20s, your heart was vacant then You were ran by the klan your mayor was Stapleton Morley was the governor, the sheriffs were Klansman So was the police chief, his name was Candlish You tried to paint over the past but there’s blood on your canvas There’s blood in your espresso and your rent is outlandish These words kill fascists each syllables a lifeboat This isn't a suicide letter it’s a life note [Time – Hook] I wrote this for the sad nights When Denver had bad vibes They stole this land that map is a lie This city will kill you with rent, pills, or bottles Denverfication, Killarado This is for Preston Porter Jr. who was killed in 1900 in Limon, Colorado, lynched by white terrorists and burned at the stake, Rest in peace
She wears her niqab at the mall no worries at all She pays no attention to the people who call Derogatory names, it's racism the media inflames But inshallah with Allah she forgive no blame Her friend wears a veil similar to a nun Would you say the same remarks to a Christian Why don't you got around calling Christians terrorists? Remember the genocide they committed in America? But you silent to that, that's an actual fact This ain't leftist talk, this is history rap A dude in a red hat mumbles something But she tells her baby in the stroller that he said nothing When you say Allah hu akbar they be calling them cop cars Fascism is not far when trump is a rock star Solidarity to Muslims around the world Cause no mother should have to worry about the safety of her girl Surveillance on mosques they want to outlaw the burka Racists need wisdom like the owl of Minerva Orientalism, judging what you ain't heard of My fried Nasim was on the plane they were talking so nervous You mention jihad but you don't mention crusade Why don't you mention bush obama and the wars that they waged Do you believe in freedom of religion of just Jesus Either way, open the Quran his name is Isa Christian or Islam, I don't practice either But when nazis appear you got to fight fist and speaker The news say Malcolm said let the AK spray But the real terrorists be the KKK And the FBI and surveillance spies Who killed 4k with drones but we just hear lies This ain't about PC, this about decency This about humanity, I'm trying to find some peace in me This is for the people in Palestine Who be getting killed with our tax dollars but we just stay silent Solidarity to Muslims around the world Cause no mother should have to worry about the safety of her girl
I don't know where I've gone recently I think when you left I lost a piece of me [Verse 1: Time] I found this song in an unmarked grave I dug up the body and recognized the face Let's clothe these bones with some paper maiche Then animate the organs with lightning and clay Let's make his skull more than a cage Full of depression, regret, guilt and rage I found some worms playing double dutch with my bloody guts I found some tendons and such and put my jaw back with an uppercut I put a zipper on my mouth so I could listen more Cause' when you talk too much that's when you knock on ignorance door Gimme eyes to see everything the real and the spectacle Gimme the courage to forgive so I could just let it go Humble no pedestal, focused like set a goal Magic is my medical, I eat fear, edible No heavy water in my eyes no time to cry It's time to go back and figure out how I died They said I died from lack of passion From working 9 to 5 and over acting This time around I wanna be liberated Not domesticated, and put into a job where I hate it and I'm jaded Getting faded on occasions cause' I wish I woulda made it It's just a cycle that I've taken and I'm finally gonna break it Humble pie I need to bake it, my soul I need to wake it Smiles I've been faking, that's why my hearts been vacant Would you rather be dispossessed or possessed? Repossessed, or in possession and blessed? I see a new image dancing in a wounded mirror I used to be a ghost to the world hopefully soon this fog will clear Hiding only works if someone is looking for you This is what happens when you're the cop and crook too I called up the precinct and turned myself in But my voice didn't work, all they heard was the wind What if forensics finds the answers? What if they stole my fingerprints? Where did i leave my book of matches? We'll find you, well find you
It was another normal Thursday, I wanted coffee in the worst way When the sip hits my lips I got to spit what the verse say I saw a man playing a trombone and singing on the corner He recited poetry, no one response like a coroner I saw an old man with tremors looking out the window of the bus I saw billboards and commercials act as spectacles for lust I saw a car crash, I heard fate laugh I saw the geese land in the Platte river with a splash I saw a woman have a seizure, I saw a kid that wouldn't leave her I saw a boy with Downs Syndrome holding hands with his teacher I saw dust on justice, and news with no substance I saw a cop beating a man as he busted his lip I saw a couple break up, the man started to cry I saw graffiti on a wall, it said ready to die I heard ambulances as I saw death dancing Chaos never dies, the city holds me for ransom It was another average Tuesday, I was taking the train home Fresh from the airport, my brain started to roam A man followed me and asked me for some change I gave him what I could before they kicked him off the train A woman came on the rail with 2 kids and a stroller The businessmen looked away and wouldn’t move over I got up and gave her my seat, she sat down and smiled I wondered why these suit and ties wouldn't move for a child? The train stopped on 16th, a blind man came on He sat down and started to sing a Paul Robeson song The kid next to me didn't hear it, he was texting The man's voice humbled me I was grateful for the lesson The girl behind us was on the phone and started to cry The old woman stared out the window, I saw the struggle in her eyes I heard ambulances as I saw death dancing Chaos never dies, the city holds me for ransom It was just another average, cliché Wednesday I had my notebook on the train, so listen to what the pen say I saw a man with a sunken face grinding his teeth I saw a woman thumbing her rosary filled with grief I saw a drone, I saw a foreclosed home I saw a poem in it all as they listened on my phone I saw a dead pigeon, I saw oil in the sewer A bee landed on the window, every year I see fewer I saw the police approach a man with their guns aimed I saw a kid tagging a train, searching for fame I saw struggle in it all as I wrote away the pain The windshield wipers squeaked as the sky leaked rain I saw a dead dog lying in the middle of the road I saw an elderly woman crying another story untold I heard ambulances as I saw death dancing Chaos never dies, the city holds me for ransom It was another normal Monday, I was sitting by the park Sipping on some coffee when a dog started to bark 2 men were fighting, a drug deal gone bad They ran away from the cops, later a junkie found the stash I saw the cops telling a homeless man to move on I see handcuffs not homes, this scene is all wrong I see a blind mother pulling a stroller down Broadway Another strong woman with a bullet proof soul like Sade I saw a dead cat in the gutter, no life in its eyes I see dreamers on the corner like monarch butterflies I see a mother in sanctuary, separated from her kids I see no justice, they make it illegal to live I see ICE outside and I’m not talking about frozen water I'm talking bout the ICE that'll separate you from your daughter I heard ambulances as i saw death dancing Chaos never dies, the city holds me for ransom
There's a lot of things that they teach you in school like how to be brainwashed and play by the rules But here's a list of things they will never teach you, you got to learn them on your own let me try to reach you [Time – Verse 1] They don't teach you how to love somebody They don’t teach you that love is muddy They don’t teach you how to love yourself just to compete and kill for wealth They don’t teach you how to be poor they don’t teach you how to be rich They don’t teach you less is more They don’t teach you pills don’t mix The war on drugs is a crucifix 2 million in cages should make you sick They don’t teach you about politics about white supremacy and racists About rape culture and rape kits it’s patriarchy let's face it Masculinities a misogynist the gender wall let's break it They don’t teach you these drugs are laced with chemicals that are makeshift They don’t teach you that there's a pipeline from school to prison in the basement They don’t teach you about the new Jim Crow, the Baldus study and death row Clinton made the prison rates grow, NAFTA made the sweatshops sew They don’t teach you about the Zapatistas, just Greece, never Giza They don’t teach you about idle no more, earth first, trying to keep the trees up The curriculum is transphobic and homophobic, colonized and so atrocious Eurocentric they're overdosing, it's anti-woman, where's their voices? They don’t teach history, just white men that's his story, not our story Where's her story and their story, the truth hurts cause the truth is gory They don't teach you about class, just rags to riches do the math It’s only 4% who do that, the yellow brick road is a tricky path American dream don’t make me laugh, Uncle Sam will stab you in the back They don’t teach you about Harlan county, Matawan, and the working class wrath They don’t teach you about the 8 hour strike, Haymarket and anthracite They don’t teach about the flint sit down, Ohio and Lordstown They don’t teach about the indigenous, we stole the land and sickened it Genocidal hit list, at standing Rock they witnessed it They don’t teach you about these man camps, the FBI and Annie Mae And the Native American women who are disappeared and MIA They don’t teach you how to walk away and cut off someone hurting you They just teach you how to consume, that what you own is the worth of you They don’t teach you that posting all day will make you feel hollow They don’t teach you that when you're scrolling you're heading to the bottom They don’t teach you how to know what's going on in someone else's mind They don’t teach you how to stop a suicide just how to get in line They don’t teach you what it feels like to have a dead friend’s number in your phone They don’t teach you what to say to someone who's dying all alone They don’t teach you how to deal with ecological collapse They don’t teach about free energy it's logical math They don’t teach no gods no masters just how to be a worker They don’t teach that laws are cancer, a contract to hurt you They don’t teach about liberation, just liberty and obeying They don’t teach about direct action, just thoughts and prayers and more praying They don’t teach you anything that's really worth knowing So know yourself, love yourself, and never stop growing
They say shoot for the stars but we're still shooting for living wage Now days credit cards and debt are just another cage They say it's okay just stay positive and pray But I think to myself, well, will that really cause change? I think to myself where's the riots, where's the rage? But will rage really cause the corrupt to turn a page? I'd rather set the book ablaze then watch another racist child get raised They say you can't judge the past, that was just a phase It's just another way to try to make slavery erased This country was built on crime but they say it doesn't pay They hide history in a maze behind a suit and tie smiling face They lie by omission in hopes the truth won't be traced They call resisters violent but isn't starvation violence? They call protesters childish, but isn't brutality childish? They say you're disturbing the peace but isn't betrayal silent? This is a eulogy for hate, no human is an island Let's not start over let's start outside of it Create out own community where liberation can be provided They say you can't escape the system that's what they said about kings I guess I'm a prisoner of hope and inside your eyes I see the keys You said I was your spiritual son, you were my teacher You told me I had it when my voice came out the speaker South Chicago street preacher you gave me Sebi's medicine I wrote this for you when you were still alive you were better then You were the grandfather I never had on my mom's side thank you for that You called me on my bullshit I used to hate you for that You told me to keep it real, you saved me, you told me to keep it honest You taught me the horrors of slavery, your parents were sharecroppers You used to smoke those soft packs we'd chat at the VFW You told me bout how those cops in Edgewater would trouble you You went to Wilberforce you played for Denver in the ABA You told me stories about Jalen Rose, KG, and Ye AwareNess would bring you Sherry wine, you told us about Malcolm You spoke of the last tribe, god's plan and what would be the outcome You had some rookie year game worn Jordan's that were signed We tried to sell them to Jack Nicholson but he thought I was lying You told me to get you a 40 I felt like I was killing you Even though the cancer inside was the villain in you Pops you were strong you survived for so long You inspired me to be a better me my determination is long When I got hired to be a teacher you said "Don't make me cry" But you passed before my first class I was shattered when you died But now you're at peace, free with your ancestors I can still feel your presence, thank you for your love you blessed us
This is untitled Like an unwritten book thrown away in the trash Like that carton of cigarettes that you tried to ash Like your arm's harmed ligaments that you torture and gash Like them shots that you think blackout the past Just like that past that won't ever go away We're waiting for the future so we ignore today No regrets, no frets, no step back, no rewind I seem to be on the corner of Heart Attack and Vine Waiting for Tom but he's in Ruby's arms sublime But nothings in vein in the heart of space time If I’m a eat the fruit, then I’m a eat the rind Cause procrastination only leads to wine Are we all scabs in this electric coal mine? They wanna Ludlow the artists in this coal mine Fiber optic Rockefellers own this gold mine They say don’t sell your soul, well too late I sold mine I lost it in a terms of agreement online Dead digital canaries, white lung but feel fine Creativities a fog in the night, like dew taking flight I’m in a Mosquito Pond with my life jacket on Funny thing is this jackets this song Tectonic plates every thoughts an earthquake Every thought of you is worth the shake Someone owns you from your birth to your wake Now the Baldwin-Felts and Pinkertons are all in your phone Your screen's glass is quicksand your stuck and alone It used to be Jay Gould, Carnegie and Vanderbilt They stole Mexico for pesos and put their land for sale Now we got facebook, amazon, apple, and walmart Things don't change the world's still ran by small hearts They took the kids out of these caverns that died in these mineshafts Now they're all mining pixels and working for minecraft But kids are still mining, dying with cold hands So we can all instagram, with phones full of coltan Coffins at the company store it's a death camp I found my corpse with the light of my head lamp Spotify script, what type of hell is this? Trolls and jealous kids my reflection is where the villain is Holler fills for dollar bills my blue collar's frilled They guillotined Appalachia to a squalor field The Greek equivalent of lucifer is tantalum Ironic like clean coal, and other antonyms From an asphyxiated ghost town I see a phantom run Invisible heart, invisible hand with a hand gun We're hardly counting the disenchanted lungs From the mines of Harlan county to Sanlidong Death's playing the mandolin Head of a CEO on my mantle is one And I won’t stop rambling till we ram into the sun Ain't no grave gonna hold my body down Mother Jones is raising hell in a calico gown They're driving the death special with lucifer's keys They shot Tikas in the back by some juniper trees Bullets like anchors he slept in the sage grass Apartments like ant farms now we're caged rats Grand Canyon a pothole compared to the wage gap I wrote strike with the fog of my breath on the plate glass Night penetrated the window, truth is a widow I see journalists with shackles, swimming to gitmo I see breaker boys with phones, and augers in their hearts Planned obsolescence, watch me fall apart Bezos wants the moon where there's no labor laws No workman's comp, just an airlock to lay em off I know you think all this mine talk sounds deep But really I’m just trying to kill the mine owner in me


Cover Art by Gadzooks Bazooka: www.instagram.com/gadzooks_bazooka/

Mixed and Mastered by: Kyle Jones in Brotherhood Studios

This is an album made as an ode to people who fought and who are fighting fascists and fascism internally and externally.


released March 20, 2020




Time Denver, Colorado

Time was deemed the future of independent hip-hop by VICE and URB Mag. He has been called the Radiohead of rap and the love child of Neil Young and Andre 3000. He was named one of URB's next 100 artists in alongside Drake, Kid Cudi, and U-N-I. He has done songs with Kool Keith, Sole, and Onry Ozzborn and engineering work for Common. ... more

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