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by calm.

All the dreams I ever had Multi verse every outcome good and bad The universe is one we all pulse together Throw me in a black hole a coffin named never All the dreams I ever had When the devil made me he was in his bag Falling from the sky I jump up from my mattress Choreograph my death, every night is practice All the dreams I ever had Missiles falling from the sky but fuck it I'm glad I don't need to wake up and go to work for a boss Everything is GTA now, I’m murking the cops All the dreams I ever had I'm running in slow mo as the knives stab Mud walking sludge walking build it as we go I'm sculpting my pain into art watch me grow All the dreams I ever had Nightmares that’s a perspective that you have Astral punk this universe is my dirty lab Spitting bars to split your matrix in half All the dreams I ever had Clocks don’t work linear time is trash Melatonin midnight we lucid dream with dead friends The body’s just a vessel, energy never end All the dreams I ever had all the dreams I never will All the dreams I never had all the dreams I ever will All the dreams I ever had all the dreams I never will All the dreams I never had all the dreams I ever will
Dream world hallucinations you could never fathom Welcome to my fall off, a luxurious chasm I decorated it with all with opinions from critics Then I set it on fire my heroes are the ones who did it I put my dreams on my back and I carried them through hell There’s no maps down there just gatekeepers to kill Don’t mess with me, I made a ladder with the bones of my enemies I came out a sewer in the nutty smelling like Hennessy Paranoid from the Adam Curtis documentaries Red eyes in the alley don’t let a Shinigami mention me I teleport with the kava and valerian root Melatonin nebula, my dream guide says there’s no truth Still searching for it though in love, rhymes and 80 proof I think I saw its shadow but illusions are aloof I detox with burdock and dandelion tea I pushed the demons out my circle that were lying to me One thing about a chasm is you cant get out alone You need the help of your friends with a rope and some poems Picture me rolling then picture me levitating I came back to Denver holding the horns of satan Give me ideas not gossip, leeches listen to slander I kill these parasites with turmeric coriander I love the honesty of gravity the weight as it captures me Until I leave its field and a black hole flattens me No gods no masters we behead the majesty Each one teach one then we take the factory All the dreams I ever had spilled into a chasm Phantom of the opera falsetto phantasms Deja vu is when the simulation spasms Fuck a fake friend everybody has them Deja vu is when the simulation spasms Fuck a fake friend everybody has them
[TEMICTLI] Welcome to the art of dreaming Dreaming is a sophisticated act [AISLINGEACH] What’s the difference between a body and a caged rat? We all have a 6th sense a second attention The hairs go up on the back of your neck when you sense other dimensions Break down the boundaries you’ll see you’re surrounded by the boundless The ego tries to separate but in you I found us [TEMICTLI] Lesson number 1, barriers break down during sleep This rupture creates cracks, that’s when dreams seep Lesson 2, you can alter consciousness With plants hunger fatigue and stress, your mind responds to it Lesson 3, look at your hands and ask am I awake? Welcome to your lucid dream, realities’ a mistake [AISLINGEACH] Floating I am groundless, finally I am doubtless Sensory deprivation, the symphony of the soundless I listen to storytellers of genetic memories Intergenerational knowledge, trauma, and treacheries Here I can teleport, here I can time travel A 5 minute nap is a 2 week dream time unravels I punch a president in the face and I jump off a cliff I can fly, stars I press against no consequence How many dreams did it take to hold the mountains up? Tell Paulo Coelho I’m a full metal alchemist Of knowing mistaken I know that I’m mistaken Cause only a fool says that they’re woke and awakened I don’t fuck with bacon or Reagan I’m friends are poets and pagans Your favorite GOAT I am slaying, I’m Goku super saiyan The stars are countless, blessings surround us Our ancestors are fish you can never drown us [TEMICTLI] There’s 7 gates of dreaming The first gate is when you realize you are falling asleep Do you feel the weight? The heaviness of sleep? Engulfs you
Forgive me for my ignorance, forgive me for despair Forgive me are you still listening I mean are you really there? I rhyme my confessions I don’t know if that’s a blessing But after I write I feel like dying less that’s a lesson I’m trying to listen to myself I guess I’m working on impermanence I’m trying to trust myself cause I’m never really sure of shit I feel guilty when I’m happy like I should be depressed Sabotaging all my joy I made a nest in this mess I’ve been neglecting chris I guess I’m reflecting on this Self respect I’m perfecting it bad vibes I’m rejecting them My energy I’m protecting it, villains I’m detecting them Spirit guides I connect with them they say disinfect the scum Um I’m sorry for rambling did you leave, are you there? With each breath I feel like I’m gambling scrambling for air My anxiety competes with chemicals and my sobriety I let people walk all over me then blame it on society I’m sorry you’re not my diary but you listen so quietly Rap is my psychiatry my thoughts are finally quieting If you’re still really there I have two questions for you Why can’t I open my eyes I mean why can’t I move? I think that I am dead I think that I am in a coma I think that I got in a car wreck and I got a hematoma I overthink my analysis is it my hypothalamus? I think I have a fever I’m feeling hotter than Dallas is I feel like a ghost is there a vent where my mouth is? [TEMICTLI] No, you’re not dead, it’s sleep paralysis
[TEMICTLI] The second gate of dreaming is to wake from a dream in a dream [AISLINGEACH] A dream within a dream a false awakening I shake and scream Ether like a lake or stream, I trust where it’s taking me My hunger is unwavering, my pen is like a laser beam Smashing all you paper kings as I blow vapor rings We burned your castles down now I laughed when you found out I’m shackled in the gallows now watch them all gather round Any last words I simply said no excuses Then the blade fell, humbly executed From a dream in a dream in a dream I woke up again I think I glitched the matrix I think it’s still buffering above my body hovering I think I’m quantum tunneling Visiting my past lives call it self discovery Tsunami from the butterfly’s wings that are fluttering Am I really slumbering or in a coma suffering? What’s a throne but a chair to be electrocuted? Then they flipped the switch humbly executed From a dream in a dream in a dream I woke up again I’m tapping death’s chin with both my knuckles again Dreams are my dialect, quitting haven’t tried it yet Eating demons everyday I haven’t had a diet yet Vomit the nonsense, dream industrial complex Nightmares and monsters I invented the concept Sorcerers and black smoke, tobacco and black oak Porcelain and glass rope, holding up black holes Lost friends to bad dope it’s hard not to lack hope Running from my past and these spies like a track coach Hope I don’t end up like Vanzetti and Sacco Wind blowing like Satchmo rain like radio crackle The truth is lowercase but you wrote it in caps though Rhymes so deep I wrote this with a fucken backhoe Realities zeros and ones I can’t compute it They hacked into the hard drive, humbly executed From a dream in a dream in a dream I woke up again [TEMICTLI] I see you’ve discovered the dream style technique, you’ve come a long way but there’s more to learn
Talking to a DMT angel She said the world’s made of pixels and sacred angles She said the world’s a chrysalis and growing wings is painful She said stay out the weeds, poison ivy can strangle So I write with a machete on this Page like Betty Till my problems become confetti I killed a forest already My heart is made of glass break it stab it like Debbie I hit Atlas in his Achilles and left the world unsteady Every time they put the pressure on I elevate an echelon Every day’s a better song fuck it I’m forever on I don’t need inspiration I feed off of fake shit And there’s so much to go around I could infinitely make shit Dirty Lab was makeshift but we still went ape shit Time is my alias but it should be MC Break Shit AwareNess killed them simultaneous with the bass he laced it I beheaded Aurelias then I jumped in the snake pit World builder tell me the radius a new planet we’ll shape it After I wrote my first verse in the 1300s the plague hit Best friends turn to enemies I embrace them as they shapeshift Then I push them in their grave Their tongue was a shovel that made it I get used like a coupon then forgive them and I move on Everyday could be your last I got my coffin suit on I asked the spirits for the future I asked for all facts On the Ouija board they spelled DOOM, all caps
Projection is perception, what’s guilt but a weapon? Immaculate deception, hallucinations and inception The ego and rejection, what’s fear but infection? I was lacking direction, I found forgiveness in reflection I’m tired of it all, don’t fight just dissolve Roots make the Lilly tall, let’s grow and evolve I find movement in stillness and power in silence I find fakeness in realness and weakness in violence We’re more than hunger and hormones there’s stardust in your bones What is an employee to a boss but a product the store owns? I’m interested in alchemy and making dreams reality What’s a salary but a bribe to make another’s dream reality? I’m trying to find my no self, water has no competition I’m trying to learn to surrender, the creek talks and I listen Too many get sacrificed on the altar of ambition Truth is not frail, only illusions can be forgiven What’s an idol but a limit a minute to the infinite? If forgiveness bends time then the end is very imminent Moon above water I sit in silence and solitude I made a slit in reality that had us all fooled Take a hammer to vanity you’ll see that it’s fragile I use grammar and profanity to shake and dismantle The illusion of fallacies like the snake and the apple If you take a sober look then the fantasies unravel Like can you really explain the anatomy of a shadow? My only strategy has to be salvation from the battle Every time that you judge you make a new pair of shackles So let go of that grudge cause that energy travels If you’re addicted to guilt, you’re addicted to pain Then you’re addicted to death, it’s all fear it’s all the same On an altar of forgiveness I found nothing but a mirror The instructions simply said wipe it clean with your tears
The sky ruptured, I felt my heart beating Between 2 mirrors I tried to touch her but the reflection kept repeating Anxiety, reality punctured, fleeting, driving, brake lights turn to demon’s eyes Tunnels turn to walls, I scream then I realize Pulling over to sleep in parking lots, waking up in different lanes I start and stop I’m throwing darts at clocks What if space is soil and the stars are seeds? They bloom light, plants make food, maybe we’re their fruit that bleeds I’m trying to remember Rain scatters plum petals, the drums settle nature’s poetry, does nature still know me? I’m trying to remember Surrendering savior, teach me the art of defeat Strange attractor wont you tell me how to retreat? I’m trying to remember I’m strong enough to carry the weight of my losses I’m strong enough to carry The weight of redwood crosses Is our body just an emotional cage? Are we just electrified meat prone to rage? An illusion of separation, a strange mystification I’m spinning in the rain i can feel the barriers breaking Moon gazer, shroom taker The whites in my eyes reflect the white flag wavers Ill honor you by facing my fears Ill honor you by not erasing my tears Forgive me my friend I don’t mean to talk like it’s the end I’ll bring you back with a paragraph indent Give me a foxes yell, the smell of Denver in the rain Give me a splinter from a coffin that still remembers the pain Give me arcade nostalgia and the warmth of a dryer vent Give me willow bark powder And fingerprints from Poseidon’s trident Give me a comma to pause mortality’s sentence Give me the vowels from chance, and put them in repentance Give me 350 stories from a bard Give me a ripple from a lost salmon in a pond Give me a conversation you had with a dream emissary Give me tombstone dust and soil from 7 cemeteries Give me a carved hobo code and a boxcar sigil Give me 4 wicks from melted candles from a vigil Give me the 3rd echo of your voice in a cave saying i won't let go Give me the syllables of I forgive you only sang in falsetto Give me cosmic compost a fermented comet’s tail, galactic rot Give me a dried tear drop, crush it into powder, pour it in the pot Warm the water with the sun, stir it, make a tea Pour it on his pillow and bring him back to me I’m a body without organs in a wolf man’s dream Or maybe I’m just an orchid dreaming it’s me What’s the difference between an enemy and a friend who pretends to be? I said I had his back he stabbed mine with a sword named memory Bury me with mint watch me spread around the earth Water me with stories, give my friends the herbs I’m trying to remember, I’m trying to remember
[TEMICTLI] I see you can control your dream body Welcome to the 3rd gate of dreaming Fix your assemblage point Have you ever navigated the labyrinth of penumbra? I see an ocean of ink in a drop a universe awaits The pen hits the page the whole fucking earth quakes I put my thumb to the concrete and lifted it like a scroll I see letters in front of my eyes, did the credits start to roll? This can’t be the end, it’s just a labyrinth I’m in I see illusions of devils scratching and stabbing my skin In the shadow world I’m the light that got the roaches scattering I was gone for 4 days and came back with Lazarus skin Demon dissector, massive energy collector Mycelia connector, we connect the vectors Sipping etrog nectar, conversating with a specter Brainwash rejector, autonomy protector If fascism’s your movie then we smash your projector So many bars I’m setting off metal detectors Without a foundation what’s the point of a roof? What are you mistaking for truth? Load your gun with this song and blast it at the lies I dug up truth’s grave and only saw a casket of whys There’s no satan just yourself wearing a mask of flies I asked god why is life hell and saw a laugh in her eyes We’re breakdancing on the ocean floor doing windmills She’s every word never heard that the wind steals With each flare we create portals and whirlpools Thoughts like lava we make new land as the earth cools We swam to the bones of Atlantis I saw strange glyphs Poems written in coral planted by the ancients Familiar and alien, deja new, I can’t explain it Then the ocean drained I saw code my brain glitched I felt the distance between us that’s when the rain hit The thunder shook my chest like Mingus was the bassist I’ve been finding comfort in pills, blunts, and 80 proof What are you mistaking for truth? I tried to write the truth with a skeptical pen It wrote in italics when will the spectacle end? What are the equations of life and death force? They gave my friend a bouquet of cancer and left him on death’s door Venus approached the moon and made a fermata I told a statue his past he cried in blood stigmata Same story different perspective like Kurosawa Rashomon effect are those tears or commas? I’m in a dream archive underwater looking at micro fish Haunted hard drive reliving the dreams of micro chips I came here to read the poems a crow dreamt But it was written in a language I do not know yet Multi-sensory I became a dreamt tree I could feel my branches and the wind on my leaves I thought time was linear I’m trying to break the time loops What are you mistaking for truth? Sometimes forgetting is the best way to remember I tried to arson my memories but can’t put out the embers Oh unhealed healer your medicine’s humility Your kindness is a capsule a weapon to kill jealousy Help me see through betrayal and false separation The fractals of lies and feelings of fragmentation The feelings of anger, drama, lack, and exclusion The need to sacrifice and perfection’s illusions Appearances deceive burn the gossip, burn the lies No need for idols I’m just trying to learn to die No need for temptation and vengeance when you have remembrance Truth doesn’t require belief or faith just acceptance The ego masquerades and illusions conceal My only mistake is that I thought they were real I thought love was something I could lose, I confused me with you What are you mistaking for truth? Breathe
With blood like doubt we graffiti your city up With blood like doubt the 4 horseman giddy up With blood like doubt the future is hideous With blood like doubt the ego is insidious With blood like doubt we are artists don’t pity us With blood like doubt our hearts pump iridium With blood like doubt eyes midnight obsidian With blood like doubt black hole oblivion Wim Hof breathing staring at the moon Acupuncture starlight release my chi soon Breathe, exhale, feel your limbs tingle Spirits gather round the wind chimes jingle Breathe, inhale, eat the clouds with a mighty yawn Blackout from the energy keep the curtains tightly drawn Breathe, exhale, our breath grows trees Trees grow us, ancient reciprocity Breathe, inhale, feed your cells with oxygen Find the key to the cell that your soul’s locked within Breathe, exhale, stress and anxiety Mitochondria energy eyes looking fiery Breathe, inhale, alter consciousness reality discipline exquisite unlimited vitality Abandon the shell with breathwork holotropic Hypnagogic, welcome to the Hall of Prophets
You see that person sleeping over there? That’s you, you’re beyond 3rd gate of dreaming Remember trust yourself, trust is silent but speaks loud I left my body on the bed and I dove through the wall The wall was like water I saw the Prophet’s Hall I examined dream fossils the idols were colossal I put some sand in my pocket from Morpheus’ bottle I’m reading critical dream theory in illusion’s library The words move like worms my eyes are weary I walked by a garden that grew bones and lost hope The crematorium coughed, it rained ash I saw smoke I met a lost soul she asked if I could walk her home Only problem was she lived in the crossroads They’re selling souls on the corner you know the devil bought those I see crop circles of corn form across the rows Spelling out equations of math unknown I was looking for peace and love but lost both I saw wake up written in ice the frost wrote Then I was back in Prophet’s Hall, my thoughts froze I was surrounded by a council of dream elders They said we’re neuro welders, architects, and dream builders They said dream invader how did you hack into our dream? How did you get through the gates, the scouts and the screams? I replied with a question who dreamt the first rose? They said that’s only knowledge that is known by the crows I asked who invented dreaming did they plant heavy seeds Inside our consciousness so we could grow wings? I asked is it true that nothing real can be threatened? He stood up from his throne and then he grabbed his weapon He said ask another question and you’ll be trapped forever I saw a raven flying backwards it spelled out never I asked how do you lie when a lie doesn’t exist? He said it’s your perception of truth and your relationship They said you belong to us, I replied with laughter They said we’ll let you go if you can defeat the dream masters My first opponent was the dream ambassador He was also the first to die in this melatonin massacre I said today’s your last day then the clock struck midnight That’s when Hell’s Wind Staff struck against his windpipe The dream scholar came he started writing out spells He tried to deconstruct my DNA but didn’t know my skills I left him with a metaphorical fatality, I said I’ll put you on Saturn’s ring then divorce the galaxy The next master came, he made nightmares rain I pushed him in a puddle, he died of fright and pain My guide said life belongs to you and it doesn’t Then I took the life away from about a dozen I killed them with 8 and a half bars Federico flow An angel tried to break up the fight so I slit his throat In the hour of the wolf, I summoned a whole pack They howled with wrath, the master’s jumped back I trained every hour a chamber for a day and a half 3 times 10 plus 6 that’s legendary math At the next master I threw a grenade of encrypted hope He was consumed by fire before he could hack the code Bars like a pure drawn sword the truth you can’t ignore The next master came ready to settle the score He punched me in my face my guardian angel screamed I jumped back and wiped my nose bleeding from the lucid dream Technique is a trap and style is a prison I hit him with a simile and split him like a prism I said to live now you must die to yesterday The next master came with ammo and gun play Tao say Don’t seek but allow, don’t seek or run away I dodged all his bullets he cried and put his gun away The infinite mind has options the limited coffins I told the last master I forgive you now this all ends He didn’t want to kill himself he wanted to kill the pain He ended up doing both when he stepped into the ring I said step back this is your final warning I don’t spit bars, I spit swarms of hornets His life flashed the credits rolled in his eyes He couldn’t pay back the phantom who sold him all of his lies Staring at my hands they weren’t really mine They kept changing shape I guess grief bends time Dishing out rhymes I wrote this in a petri Scientists still trying to find a cure for the beast in me Covered in blood from the masters it quickly turned to sweat Their bodies became ash and blew like cigarettes I asked myself what is the alternate to dreams and fear? Release the dreamer from the dream reality is near I took a hammer to the walls, the truth became clear Behind the bricks was simply a hall of mirrors


This album is a leaving of age, multidimensional, and non linear time story. The album is meant to be one long song. The album/theatrical production was made in a week but probably was being worked on in the dream world for years. It's a story about an aspiring lucid dreamer who meets a dream guide, the lucid dreamer's best friend is murdered by the dream council, he seeks forgiveness and revenge. See the liner notes for the full story and cast of characters.


released May 12, 2023

calm. = Time & AwareNess
Written by Time
Produced by AwareNess
Mixed and Mastered by MJC @ FBR Mastering
Dirty Laboratory Productions


all rights reserved



Time Denver, Colorado

Time was deemed the future of independent hip-hop by VICE and URB Mag. He has been called the Radiohead of rap and the love child of Neil Young and Andre 3000. He was named one of URB's next 100 artists in alongside Drake, Kid Cudi, and U-N-I. He has done songs with Kool Keith, Sole, and Onry Ozzborn and engineering work for Common. ... more

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