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Trust Is Silent But Speaks Loud




You see that person sleeping over there?
That’s you, you’re beyond 3rd gate of dreaming
Remember trust yourself, trust is silent but speaks loud

I left my body on the bed and I dove through the wall
The wall was like water I saw the Prophet’s Hall
I examined dream fossils the idols were colossal
I put some sand in my pocket from Morpheus’ bottle
I’m reading critical dream theory in illusion’s library
The words move like worms my eyes are weary
I walked by a garden that grew bones and lost hope
The crematorium coughed, it rained ash I saw smoke
I met a lost soul she asked if I could walk her home
Only problem was she lived in the crossroads
They’re selling souls on the corner you know the devil bought those
I see crop circles of corn form across the rows
Spelling out equations of math unknown
I was looking for peace and love but lost both
I saw wake up written in ice the frost wrote
Then I was back in Prophet’s Hall, my thoughts froze

I was surrounded by a council of dream elders
They said we’re neuro welders, architects, and dream builders
They said dream invader how did you hack into our dream?
How did you get through the gates, the scouts and the screams?
I replied with a question who dreamt the first rose?
They said that’s only knowledge that is known by the crows
I asked who invented dreaming did they plant heavy seeds
Inside our consciousness so we could grow wings?
I asked is it true that nothing real can be threatened?
He stood up from his throne and then he grabbed his weapon
He said ask another question and you’ll be trapped forever
I saw a raven flying backwards it spelled out never
I asked how do you lie when a lie doesn’t exist?
He said it’s your perception of truth and your relationship
They said you belong to us, I replied with laughter
They said we’ll let you go if you can defeat the dream masters
My first opponent was the dream ambassador
He was also the first to die in this melatonin massacre
I said today’s your last day then the clock struck midnight
That’s when Hell’s Wind Staff struck against his windpipe
The dream scholar came he started writing out spells
He tried to deconstruct my DNA but didn’t know my skills
I left him with a metaphorical fatality, I said
I’ll put you on Saturn’s ring then divorce the galaxy
The next master came, he made nightmares rain
I pushed him in a puddle, he died of fright and pain
My guide said life belongs to you and it doesn’t
Then I took the life away from about a dozen
I killed them with 8 and a half bars Federico flow
An angel tried to break up the fight so I slit his throat
In the hour of the wolf, I summoned a whole pack
They howled with wrath, the master’s jumped back

I trained every hour a chamber for a day and a half
3 times 10 plus 6 that’s legendary math
At the next master I threw a grenade of encrypted hope
He was consumed by fire before he could hack the code
Bars like a pure drawn sword the truth you can’t ignore
The next master came ready to settle the score
He punched me in my face my guardian angel screamed
I jumped back and wiped my nose bleeding from the lucid dream
Technique is a trap and style is a prison
I hit him with a simile and split him like a prism
I said to live now you must die to yesterday
The next master came with ammo and gun play
Tao say Don’t seek but allow, don’t seek or run away
I dodged all his bullets he cried and put his gun away
The infinite mind has options the limited coffins
I told the last master I forgive you now this all ends

He didn’t want to kill himself he wanted to kill the pain
He ended up doing both when he stepped into the ring
I said step back this is your final warning
I don’t spit bars, I spit swarms of hornets
His life flashed the credits rolled in his eyes
He couldn’t pay back the phantom who sold him all of his lies
Staring at my hands they weren’t really mine
They kept changing shape I guess grief bends time
Dishing out rhymes I wrote this in a petri
Scientists still trying to find a cure for the beast in me
Covered in blood from the masters it quickly turned to sweat
Their bodies became ash and blew like cigarettes
I asked myself what is the alternate to dreams and fear?
Release the dreamer from the dream reality is near
I took a hammer to the walls, the truth became clear
Behind the bricks was simply a hall of mirrors


from ALL THE DREAMS I EVER HAD, released May 12, 2023


all rights reserved



Time Denver, Colorado

Time was deemed the future of independent hip-hop by VICE and URB Mag. He has been called the Radiohead of rap and the love child of Neil Young and Andre 3000. He was named one of URB's next 100 artists in alongside Drake, Kid Cudi, and U-N-I. He has done songs with Kool Keith, Sole, and Onry Ozzborn and engineering work for Common. ... more

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