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Mistaken For Truth




I see you can control your dream body
Welcome to the 3rd gate of dreaming
Fix your assemblage point
Have you ever navigated the labyrinth of penumbra?

I see an ocean of ink in a drop a universe awaits
The pen hits the page the whole fucking earth quakes
I put my thumb to the concrete and lifted it like a scroll
I see letters in front of my eyes, did the credits start to roll?
This can’t be the end, it’s just a labyrinth I’m in
I see illusions of devils scratching and stabbing my skin
In the shadow world I’m the light that got the roaches scattering
I was gone for 4 days and came back with Lazarus skin
Demon dissector, massive energy collector
Mycelia connector, we connect the vectors
Sipping etrog nectar, conversating with a specter
Brainwash rejector, autonomy protector
If fascism’s your movie then we smash your projector
So many bars I’m setting off metal detectors
Without a foundation what’s the point of a roof?
What are you mistaking for truth?

Load your gun with this song and blast it at the lies
I dug up truth’s grave and only saw a casket of whys
There’s no satan just yourself wearing a mask of flies
I asked god why is life hell and saw a laugh in her eyes
We’re breakdancing on the ocean floor doing windmills
She’s every word never heard that the wind steals
With each flare we create portals and whirlpools
Thoughts like lava we make new land as the earth cools
We swam to the bones of Atlantis I saw strange glyphs
Poems written in coral planted by the ancients
Familiar and alien, deja new, I can’t explain it
Then the ocean drained I saw code my brain glitched
I felt the distance between us that’s when the rain hit
The thunder shook my chest like Mingus was the bassist
I’ve been finding comfort in pills, blunts, and 80 proof
What are you mistaking for truth?
I tried to write the truth with a skeptical pen
It wrote in italics when will the spectacle end?
What are the equations of life and death force?
They gave my friend a bouquet of cancer and left him on death’s door
Venus approached the moon and made a fermata
I told a statue his past he cried in blood stigmata
Same story different perspective like Kurosawa
Rashomon effect are those tears or commas?
I’m in a dream archive underwater looking at micro fish
Haunted hard drive reliving the dreams of micro chips
I came here to read the poems a crow dreamt
But it was written in a language I do not know yet
Multi-sensory I became a dreamt tree
I could feel my branches and the wind on my leaves
I thought time was linear I’m trying to break the time loops
What are you mistaking for truth?

Sometimes forgetting is the best way to remember
I tried to arson my memories but can’t put out the embers
Oh unhealed healer your medicine’s humility
Your kindness is a capsule a weapon to kill jealousy
Help me see through betrayal and false separation
The fractals of lies and feelings of fragmentation
The feelings of anger, drama, lack, and exclusion
The need to sacrifice and perfection’s illusions
Appearances deceive burn the gossip, burn the lies
No need for idols I’m just trying to learn to die
No need for temptation and vengeance when you have remembrance
Truth doesn’t require belief or faith just acceptance
The ego masquerades and illusions conceal
My only mistake is that I thought they were real
I thought love was something I could lose, I confused me with you
What are you mistaking for truth?


from ALL THE DREAMS I EVER HAD, released May 12, 2023


all rights reserved



Time Denver, Colorado

Time was deemed the future of independent hip-hop by VICE and URB Mag. He has been called the Radiohead of rap and the love child of Neil Young and Andre 3000. He was named one of URB's next 100 artists in alongside Drake, Kid Cudi, and U-N-I. He has done songs with Kool Keith, Sole, and Onry Ozzborn and engineering work for Common. ... more

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