Conversations With a Willow Tree

from Conversations With A Willow Tree by calm.



Conversations with a willow tree, the branches sway heavenly
They say it’s meant to be and it’ll all make sense eventually
When centipedes crawl through my skull and eat all my memories
And I return to the soil and fertilize serenity
To become food for the worms and reciprocate the energy
No more enemies, no more spam to be sent to me
I never use Hennessey as a remedy cause I never wanted addiction to be a friend of me
Our bodies leave skin cells that turn to dust
The rain gives us food and makes our machines rust
It’s kind of symbolic of what natures trying to show us
We’re living in the 6th extinction it’s time to grow up
Melancholy on my countenance found me where the mountains is
Make another wish flick a penny in the fountain kid
My inner child got SIDS I’m searching underground for him
Haunted soil I only found worms I never found the kid
Skyscrapers a tombstone, roads crowded abyss
If a tree falls in the forest it doesn’t matter what the sound is
It matters what gets affected from death comes resurrection
A tree becomes a coffin a coffin becomes dirt
Sound turns to language, and words becomes hurt
But words could heal, a conversation could save a life
That’s how I got here, the willow o wisp’s light shines bright
Trees are our elders, they don’t need cars to get water and food
They store their energy in the autumn and bloom by June
Mutual aid, they shelter the animals, birds build nests
They dig their roots deep and hold their heads above the rest
The willow is a buddha, the tree is my teacher
Each tree is a person, we’ll all meet the reaper
A leaf falls in my cup, I drink up the dusk
We sit in the darkness until dawn erupts
In the dark it was clear that the bark was a mirror
I was the forest, the dew was our tears
I’m not trying to conquer my enemies I’m trying to conquer myself
What’s a tree but a friend that offers shelter and help
That willow tree was there for me when I couldn’t find anyone else
Money’s just a dead tree, a live one is wealth

You’re fearful and doubtful because you forgot about nature and reciprocity
You think everything will mess up or break
Because you believe the lie that you’re a consumer and used to buying things that break
And interacting with machines
You forgot about nature, about being human, even about plants


from Conversations With A Willow Tree, released January 1, 2022


all rights reserved



Time Denver, Colorado

Time was deemed the future of independent hip-hop by VICE and URB Mag. He has been called the Radiohead of rap and the love child of Neil Young and Andre 3000. He was named one of URB's next 100 artists in alongside Drake, Kid Cudi, and U-N-I. He has done songs with Kool Keith, Sole, and Onry Ozzborn and engineering work for Common. ... more

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