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By A Sword Named Memory




The sky ruptured, I felt my heart beating
Between 2 mirrors I tried to touch her but the reflection kept repeating
Anxiety, reality punctured, fleeting, driving, brake lights turn to demon’s eyes
Tunnels turn to walls, I scream then I realize
Pulling over to sleep in parking lots, waking up in different lanes I start and stop
I’m throwing darts at clocks
What if space is soil and the stars are seeds?
They bloom light, plants make food, maybe we’re their fruit that bleeds
I’m trying to remember
Rain scatters plum petals, the drums settle
nature’s poetry, does nature still know me?
I’m trying to remember
Surrendering savior, teach me the art of defeat
Strange attractor wont you tell me how to retreat?
I’m trying to remember
I’m strong enough to carry the weight of my losses
I’m strong enough to carry The weight of redwood crosses
Is our body just an emotional cage?
Are we just electrified meat prone to rage?
An illusion of separation, a strange mystification
I’m spinning in the rain i can feel the barriers breaking
Moon gazer, shroom taker
The whites in my eyes reflect the white flag wavers
Ill honor you by facing my fears
Ill honor you by not erasing my tears
Forgive me my friend I don’t mean to talk like it’s the end
I’ll bring you back with a paragraph indent
Give me a foxes yell, the smell of Denver in the rain
Give me a splinter from a coffin that still remembers the pain
Give me arcade nostalgia and the warmth of a dryer vent
Give me willow bark powder
And fingerprints from Poseidon’s trident
Give me a comma to pause mortality’s sentence
Give me the vowels from chance, and put them in repentance
Give me 350 stories from a bard
Give me a ripple from a lost salmon in a pond
Give me a conversation you had with a dream emissary
Give me tombstone dust and soil from 7 cemeteries
Give me a carved hobo code and a boxcar sigil
Give me 4 wicks from melted candles from a vigil
Give me the 3rd echo of your voice in a cave saying i won't let go
Give me the syllables of I forgive you only sang in falsetto
Give me cosmic compost a fermented comet’s tail, galactic rot
Give me a dried tear drop, crush it into powder, pour it in the pot
Warm the water with the sun, stir it, make a tea
Pour it on his pillow and bring him back to me
I’m a body without organs in a wolf man’s dream
Or maybe I’m just an orchid dreaming it’s me
What’s the difference between an enemy and a friend who pretends to be?
I said I had his back he stabbed mine with a sword named memory
Bury me with mint watch me spread around the earth
Water me with stories, give my friends the herbs
I’m trying to remember, I’m trying to remember


from ALL THE DREAMS I EVER HAD, released May 12, 2023


all rights reserved



Time Denver, Colorado

Time was deemed the future of independent hip-hop by VICE and URB Mag. He has been called the Radiohead of rap and the love child of Neil Young and Andre 3000. He was named one of URB's next 100 artists in alongside Drake, Kid Cudi, and U-N-I. He has done songs with Kool Keith, Sole, and Onry Ozzborn and engineering work for Common. ... more

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